“Thy Will Be Done“- Saint Israella Bushiri's Burial Ceremony

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Published on 3.04.2021

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“My wife and I are broken but not destroyed. The badness of the devil cannot change the goodness of God.
It is the wish of every parent to be buried by their children, not the other way around.
However, when God was calling me, he taught me to bow to his sovereign will.
I have taught my wife that, I have taught my kids that, and I preach that.

Are we the first people to go through this? Am I the first person? No.
You have all gone through this. And be strengthened and be encouraged. What you went through is what we are going through.

But we all have faith and hope that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, the same today and the same forever.
What is remaining for us, with Israella, is not for her to come where we are, but when God, at his own sovereign time comes, we will both go where she is.
With all our hearts, we have accepted the call of God over our daughter Israella.”

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