Poptain Yardbwoy

Poptain is a Zimbabwean multitalented music artist, he is one of the pioneer artists taking Zimbabwean music to the world, his fresh and melodic sounds are bringing something new to the Zimbabwean scene with a goal of making an impact in Africa and the world. Born in Gweru, Zimbabwe he had quite a disruptive childhood having had to move around the country but eventually settling in Harare where he was put into an orphanage. During his formative years he discovered- Mavado the Jamaican Dancehall artist in 2010 it was at this point that he started having a keen interest in music and began imitating the biggest artists in the world, which led him to writing his own songs and gaining traction for his lyrics and flow. After high school he was forced onto the streets and just when his music dream seemed to disappear, a producer friend brought him in and that where he stayed and began crafting his talent as a songwriter. He unfortunately had to move out and being back on the streets again, he